New Year

Some days were cheerful,
some so grey,
Moments of reuniting,
moments of going away!
Had some tears,
some laughter, some joy,
met some good people,
met some fake,
2014 a year of experiences!
And it comes to an end.
Farewell 2014
Welcome 2015!
Wishing everyone a very happy new year!

Winter morning

This morning I woke up to dark, wet and windy winter of Surrey. While my tea boiled on stove I listened to the rain drops hitting the concrete floor and wind chime playing. I just checked the weather forecast and it showed cloud and rain just like it did yesterday and the day before. Its going to be a long wet winter with little sunshine and plenty of rain. How I carve for Kathmandu winter, the sunny days and blue sky! I miss Kathmandu, I miss my home. But theres something that fills me with hopes, its Shelley’s famous line my father loved and reminded us each winter……”If winter comes can spring be far behind?” I am waiting for this winter to be over, wet mornings and long dark evenings. I am waiting to see leaves covering the withered walnut tree in my neighbour’s backyard and wildflowers blooming on the grey grounds. I am waiting to see the rebirth of new life.

You will be alright

She sleeps in my arms,
sweetly curled up,
safe and warm.
So innocent she looks
and so naive,
dreaming of happy dreams.
She knows not of rain so cold,
or wind so wild,
so peaceful she looks,
her pretty eyelashes shut tight.
I kiss her forehead,
I hug her tight,
and to her I whisper her gently,
“You will be alright”.

When the wind blows,
autumn leaves swirl,
and seagulls drift,
trees sway to and fro,
they speak of secrets,
no one knows.
And wind chime dances
to its own melody!

Happy sparrows

1353361-small-brood-of-sparrows-hidden-on-a-branchEarly morning,
I open the windows wide,
sweet spring air fills the room,
and my heart with delight!
Little sparrows by the window,
they chirp and sing in joy,
they leave a smile in my face,
and soar to the blue sky.